A choice…and an echo: the legacy of Barack Obama

In 2008, I wrote this post explaining why I couldn’t vote for Barack Obama. Now I’m going to explain why I did now: the stimulus package saved hundreds of university jobs, as our former president acknowledged in 2009; a few friends with pre-existing conditions have access to private insurance; and he’s gone further than any president in my lifetime towards taking seriously the “all men are created equal” line in the Declaration of Independence when it comes to homosexuals. Each point comes with caveats. The stimulus was too small and political exigency meant Obama couldn’t support with the fervor it deserved. Access to private insurance means being a slave to private insurance companies until most of the Affordable Care Act’s provisions take effect in 2014, and still no substitute for government insurance. Finally, beside the enrichment of Wall Street satraps and the now terminal gulf between them and the rest of Americans, “all men are created equal” is a schoolboy maxim.

But you can click on the Obama tag on the right to read my laments about Obama’s foreign policy and Wall Street kowtowing, enough to sway me towards voting third party if I lived in California or the east coast. Here’s the reality in Florida with which I must deal. I’ve read enough of American history to know what evil looks like, and on that scale, compared to the millions benefiting from the executive compromises I mentioned above, Obama is on the low end — for now.

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