If you build a house, then call me POLL

At the time I’d collected these songs I’d just become acquainted with the Bob Welsh-Danny Kirwan-Jeremy Spencer interregnum and Mystery to Me. I still need to check out those Peter Green records and the other funny-looking ones I’d spot in Camelot Music with big-nosed apes on the longbox art. But I’m happy to love 2003’s Say You Will almost as much as the hits, despite Christine McVie’s absence. I still rep hard for those Tango in the Night remixes. Check out the Arthur Baker remix of “Big Love,” with house keyboards and live Stevie Nicks vocals instead of Buckingham giving himself the varispeed treatment), and better, the trance-like, undulating extended remix of “Seven Wonders,” a Balearic sound ancestor.

1. Sara
2. Warm Ways
3. Go Your Own Way
4. The Chain
5. Little Lies
6. Hold Me
7. Monday Morning
8. Think About Me (single mix)
9. Seven Wonders (12″ extended mix)
10. Not That Funny
11. What Makes You Think You’re the One?
12. Second Hand News
13. Brown Eyes
14. Blue Letter
15. You Make Loving Fun
16. Thrown Down
17. Storms
18. Gold Dust Woman
19. Eyes of the World
20. Bare Trees
21. Book of Love
22. Songbird
23. Gypsy
24. The Ghost
25. Hypnotized
26. That’s Alright
27. The City
28. Love in Store
29. Silver Springs
30. Say You Will
31. No Questions Asked
32. Peacekeeper
33. Isn’t It Midnight
34. Never Forget
35. Goodbye Baby

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