Get it on: Usher

For all Usher Terry Raymond IV’s blather about “revolutionary pop” he nevertheless suffers under the delusion that has plagued R&B balladeers for decades: he wants second-rate fast songs on his albums to compete with the first-rate slow ones (we remember Freddie Jackson for “Rock Me Tonight,” not “He’ll Never Love You [Like I Do]”). Give me “There Goes My Baby” over “Caught Up” or “Yeah!” Purchasers of Looking 4 Myselfnot only have to accept that “Scream” is doing better on pop radio than “Climax,” in which Usher connects the line between erotic hysteria and resignation in a magnificent vocal while immersed in producer Diplo’s pools of sound, they have to discard an absurd opener called “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” (he just won’t). Tip: skip Pharrell next time and hire, say, Miguel to craft these beats, this space. Fortunately most of L4M is a victory lap, a collection of at least five ballads that aren’t revolutionary but are sterling adult pop, among which are “Show Me” (cute ascending hook) the Danja-produced “I Care For U,” and “Dive.” The title track, baited with a buoyant guitar that foils a sketchy “introspective” lyric, offers the quietest surprise.

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