Still hangin’ out on 52nd and Broadway

The freshest undiscovered track on the Stones’ Some Girls reissue: “Do You Think I Really Care,” a country cousin to Emotional Rescue’s great “Let Me Go,” but instead of musing aloud about maybe hanging out in gay bars and moving to the west side of NYC, Jagger chases a girl he sees on the D train and Long Island Expressway, maybe stopping for pizza on 52nd and Broadway before the ride. The backing track is a marvel: Ron Wood’s unexpected slide guitar, Watts on the one, those fierce acoustic strums, and Keith yelping enthusiastic harmonies, convincing me he actually knows the location of Max’s Kansas City. And there’s Jagger, smoothly moving from sarcastic talk-speak to a fetching drawl pitched between camp and submission. He’s alive.

Longtime readers know Some Girls is my favorite Stones record. The bonus tracks confirm it.

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