“The purchased acquisition of commodities”

Eric Harvey on Black Friday versus Occupy Wall Street:

You’re allowed to congeal into a mass of humanity or pitch your tent on concrete if your goal is capitalistic in nature. If in other words you’re acting as a modern consumer/citizen who defines him/herself and his/her position in society through the purchased acquisition of commodities.

If, however, you partake in the very same activities with a mindset of directly challenging the ideology of capital, and therefore the needs of a smoothly-functioning state, as the OWS protestors are, then you are subject to eviction, if not state-sponsored violence to your body. The horror of this state of affairs has been widely covered, but it boils down to the simple fact that Americans are being violently punished—ironically, by police forces clad exclusively in black—for performing democratic citizenship.

Black Friday actions don’t need to be controlled by patrols of war-ready, terror-inducing functionaries. Through the eyes of the state, those people are already controlling themselves..

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