What conspiracy? De Palma’s Blow Out

In an interview by an earnest, floppy-haired Noah Baumbach included in the luxuriant Criterion edition of Blow Out, Brian De Palma explains at length the impact of the JFK assassination on his thinking, and I use the last word loosely. He doesn’t care about JFK so much as he does about JFK, the bonkers, magnificentContinue reading “What conspiracy? De Palma’s Blow Out”

“Americans are humans too”

I lack the reserves to comment on the events of the last twenty-four hours. Euphoria and contrarianism both look like unsavory options. Two of the best dispatches look past catharsis: Steve Coll’s analysis of the future of al-Qaeda and the late Osama bin Laden’s centrality in its operations; and Ta-Nehisi Coates’ solemn parsing of theContinue reading ““Americans are humans too””

“A nightmare scenario”

A poster on The Corner, responding to a person pleading for “national unity” or something: And this attitude is why more often than not, Republicans lose. If Bush had killed Bin Laden (which he should have in 8 friggin years!), do you think the liberals would be falling all over themselves to praise him likeContinue reading ““A nightmare scenario””

This month’s first political sigh

I understand the impulse whereby liberal friends post clips from the correspondents’ dinner last night of Obama and his claque beating Donald Trump’s palms with a ruler. But how quaint. As this year’s Sarah Palin — a man with less than zero chance of getting the GOP nomination for president — Donald Trump inspires liberalContinue reading “This month’s first political sigh”