Rolling awful phrases thread

As prescient as George Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language” continues to be, he could not have foreseen how the language of commerce, sports, and talk radio would sully discourse. I hear or read the following phrases and words more times a week than I can note. In most cases, the Latinates transform unwieldy nouns into verbs when an appropriate word already exists (e.g. “incentivize” for “encourage”), which, I suppose, is the point. Most of these lexical atrocities are such because they obfuscate; they cloak a sentence in a fog of neutrality. Others merely inflate sentences into ponderosities. One construction I see often: “Not only did I buy a taco, but a burrito as well” instead of “I bought a taco and a burrito.”

The following is an incomplete list:

fast track (verb)
green light (verb)
gift (Verb)
dialogue (verb)
impact (verb)
hate on
transition (verb)
double down
walk back
Not only…but
Having said that/That being said
cutting edge
kind of
all things being equal
going forward

Intensifiers: very, super, absolutely, definitely