“A nightmare scenario”

A poster on The Corner, responding to a person pleading for “national unity” or something:

And this attitude is why more often than not, Republicans lose. If Bush had killed Bin Laden (which he should have in 8 friggin years!), do you think the liberals would be falling all over themselves to praise him like so many here are doing with Obama? This is the nightmare scenario for the GOP. Not only will Obama cruise to victory next year, his coattails will now be in full effect again, hurting our chances in House and Senate races across the country. There is no excuse for President Bush to not have gotten this done in his two terms in office. Obama putting Osama out to pasture in two years makes the whole Bush team look like weak amateurs. You cannot….CANNOT…take politics out of this. And as a said before, Obama is at an unbelievably strong 50% even with gas prices, food prices, lack of jobs, etc. The public is looking for any reason to side with the guy and this is a mighty good reason.

One thought on ““A nightmare scenario”

  1. The Umpire Strikes Back*
    by Maureen Dowd

    It’s morning in America alright, except today the Gipper got up on the wrong side of his grave (after a few good rollings around). My K street Starbucks snaps crackles and pops the beltway’s faithful into line, where they thumb smartphones, or glare pre-caffinated eyes over Posts and Journals at the friendly/absconding Baristas. CNN broke it at 11:00, and FOX a little after, making this Morning in America’s pricey bean fix all the less dispensible, though whether your Latte seemed unusually sweet or bitter comes down, of course, to your taste in ass: pachydermous or equestrian? Tiny “D” or tiny “R”? Oh D, R!

    One thing either side of the isle can’t deny: last night’s Spock and Kirk ironies will resonate for years, like Cheney’s bird-shot, like all definitive Game Changers. A decade after BefuddlyaDubya poured holy fire onto Tora-Bora like a bellicose Kirk and nearly sank the ship, TheWrathTurban (starring Ricardo Taliban as Con) met his cool, undistinguished end by fire-extinguisher. Dubya’s Vulcan successor used CIA assassasins — dusty for lack of leftist banana-republicans to peel and not slip on — foreign Ops. maintained for emergencies as behind brittle glass. Takes little less than a tiny hammer — or gavel, if Pelosi isn’t “too secondwave fem to cling to coat-tails next Novem.”*

    Yup, smoking Bin Hidin’ from his foxhole as big as the Ritz, Ombambi showed his fangs* and “endeered” himself to the electorate. He admitted as much himself on the play by play…. not that the rotunda echoed such disreputable trivia. This is where Wasilla’s silliest and I will have to agree: the “elite’s” don’t watch ESPN.

    * Couldn’t squeeze “Umpire” into this column (so much news, and the NYT stingy as my jewish inlaws). For extended metaphor, see my November 10, 2007 : “Batting Average”, about Dubya’s excessive blinking, Hillary’s “hardball” tactics and Obamas “stealing her base”; it with an exquisite disquisition on his “umpire”- like “devotion to the protocols of the modern male politician’s orthodoxy, wimpy-chauvanism.” (anybody remember emailing me this insight??? David???)
    * Look out for my first volume of poetry since “Without a Dowd”,
    ” Red-head on Hump Day” available from Doubleday.
    * See same.

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