In which Carrie Brownstein reminds us why she’s cooler than you and me by giving Madonna the NPR treatment. When she tells us how she discovered music with “fewer filters and disguises, less affect, greater intensity, and most of all, substance” after the apostasy of her youth, it’s as if she never listened to her former band’s “Milkshake & Honey” and “Combat Rock,” both of which have more affect, more filters and disguises, and less intensity in their quest for substance. But she knew this already – The Woods has a ditty called “Entertain” (get it? Irony!) that could only have been recorded for a valedictory record; the extra time off meant she got to watch Classic VH-1 once in a while. 

4 thoughts on “

  1. she should be glad I can extricate her guitar playing from her own particularly noxious “brand.”

  2. oh, and if S-K does a reunion tour, we’re gonna go together and spend all night yelling out for covers of “True Blue” and “La Isla Bonita,” right?

  3. Hearing you sing the Spanish bits in “La Isla Bonita” would make my life complete.

  4. you guys are mean! they came up on kill rock stars tailing the height of riot grrl! i don’t expect them to not be disgusted with liz phair’s self-titled!

    but i can’t deny i really wish i liked The Woods less when i’m forced to think of it as the riot-grrl equivalent of chanting “no homo!” after putting out “milkshake ‘n’ honey” and being slightly embarrassed by it.

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