Rob Trucks’ touching interview with Robert Forster adds new wrinkles to his story, not the least of which is the revelation that he’s finished a few of his late partner Grant McLennan’s notes for songs for The Evangelist, Forster’s first solo album in 12 years (more on the album next week). As in the best Go-Betweens songs, a cursory line reverberates in unexpected ways:

“My idea of what the future’s going to be and what’s going to come has gone completely out the window,” Forster says. “I can no longer predict things.”

He’s referring to his experiments in rockcrit, which have led to a monthly column in The Monthly and publication in 2007’s edition of Da Capo Best Music Writing (thanks to a eulogy to McLennan). Now he’s finishing his partner’s songs, and very likely singing them on tour. He can’t predict things, and he can.

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